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2021 Rates

Toll Free 1(855) 203-5348
Fax (855) 422-3769

Virtual appointments

Initial appointment, 1 hour                                  $120

Follow-up appointments, 50 minutes              $80  

Follow-up appointments, 30 minutes              $45

In home visits                            please contact

One-on-one help in your home: for in-person nutritional counselling; help organizing your pantry or fridge, meal planning, meal preparation; or for those with difficulty accessing appointments.

Let us plan what you would like to cover.


Locally available only, depending on COVID health orders; some additional restrictions apply (for example, non-smoking homes only).


Currently on maternity leave from health region position until Jan 2, 2025.
Accepting clients with some planning around childcare.

Best availability is weekdays. Limited weekend availability. 

Toll free: 1(855) 203-5348

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